Tasty food has surrounded me ever since I was a little girl. I grew up seeing my grandma Nadia, cooking all her favorite Ukrainian dishes. She always made me feel like I belonged to her roots. My grandpa Tato used to make fresh fruit jams and delicious fruit compotes, they were both in love with creating food on a daily basis for their sons and grandsons. They both left from the Second World War to Venezuela, where they had 11 children and started from scratch.


On the other hand, every time I used to visit my father, who came from Lebanon at the age of 18, I used to see him cook many different Lebanese dishes and got to help him finish making them quicker. Middle eastern food is incredibly tasty, preparing most of the dishes takes time, so it’s always good to work as a team.

Therefrom, growing up seeing, learning, trying food from different cultures has been an incredible experience and I will always feel thankful for having the opportunity to live it and enjoy it.


Food is a passion for me, food is magical; it’s the answer to every question, is the solution to avoid many health problems, it’s what unites people at the markets, it’s what reunites families. Food is love and I really enjoy sharing that kind of love with the people I know, and with those whom I don’t too 🙂

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